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Michael Leddin

Michael Leddin

CSO – Chief Strategy Officer, KPJ Healthcare Berhad

Michael Leddin is a seasoned leader with extensive experience in corporate governance, business strategy, and executive management. With a distinguished career spanning various industries, Michael has consistently demonstrated his ability to drive growth and innovation. He holds a pivotal role on multiple boards, where he leverages his expertise in financial oversight, risk management, and strategic planning to guide organisations toward sustainable success. Throughout his career, Michael has been instrumental in transforming businesses, enhancing operational efficiency, and fostering a culture of excellence. His strategic vision and leadership have been key to navigating complex business environments and achieving organisational goals. Michael’s comprehensive understanding of corporate dynamics, combined with his proactive approach to addressing challenges, makes him a valuable asset to any board. Michael’s professional journey is marked by significant achievements, including spearheading major initiatives that have resulted in increased profitability and market share. His ability to build and lead high-performing teams, coupled with his commitment to ethical governance, has earned him a reputation as a trusted advisor and leader. As a guest speaker, Michael brings a wealth of knowledge and insights on topics such as corporate governance, strategic management, and business transformation. His engaging presentations and thought-provoking discussions inspire audiences and provide practical takeaways for professionals across various sectors. Michael Leddin’s dedication to excellence and his strategic acumen continue to make a lasting impact on the organisations he serves. His contributions to the business community underscore his commitment to fostering growth, innovation, and sustainable success.

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