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Matthew Yong Khee Toon

Matthew Yong Khee Toon

Head of Information Technology IHH Healthcare Berhad

Matthew Yong is the dedicated Head of IT at IHH Healthcare, bringing over 14 years of extensive experience in the field. Under his leadership, IHH Group has seen remarkable advancements in its digital transformation journey, including the recent successful launch of a new Hospital Information System (HIS) that has significantly enhanced healthcare operations across Malaysia. His strategic vision and unwavering commitment to innovation have not only improved efficiency but also elevated patient care standards at IHH Group. Beyond his technical acumen, Matthew is a dedicated mentor who fosters a culture of excellence and adaptability within his team. His leadership encourages embracing change and continually striving for improvement, creating a supportive and forward-thinking work environment. His efforts in driving digital transformation are pivotal in IHH’s mission to be the world’s most trusted healthcare services network, ensuring comprehensive and personalised care for patients through innovative digital solutions. With a strong background in IT management and a proven track record of successful project implementations, Matthew’s contributions are instrumental in shaping the future of healthcare technology at IHH. His role in enhancing operational efficiencies and patient care outcomes exemplifies his dedication to advancing the healthcare industry.

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