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Divyana Meyhandan

Divyana Meyhandan

Nurse Instructor KPJ Rawang Specialist Hospital

Divyana Meyhandan, Nurse Instructor at KPJ Rawang Specialist Hospital, with a deep passion for nursing education and a commitment to excellence in patient care. I obtained my Bachelor of Nursing Science from Lincoln University College, laying a solid foundation for my nursing career.

Driven by a love for working with pediatric patients, I pursued a Post Basic in Pediatric from KPJ University College, further honing my skills in this specialized area of nursing. My thirst for knowledge led me to continue my education at Universiti Malaya, where I earned a Master of Nursing Science with a specialization in Pediatric Nursing.

My academic background and practical experience have made me a highly sought-after educator, known for my engaging teaching style and ability to inspire my nurses and students nurses. My dedication to staying abreast of the latest developments in nursing has led me to actively present my work at prestigious conferences.

Recently, my posters and oral presentations have been accepted at several high-quality conferences, including the KPJ Healthcare Conference 2023, ASQua 2023, and the Global Congress on Patient Care and Clinical Conferences (GCPCC) in 2024. These achievements showcase my commitment to sharing my knowledge and contributing to the advancement of nursing practice.

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