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Alvin Tan

Alvin Tan

CEO Encore Med

Alvin Tan Chor Yeow is a visionary innovation leader with over a decade of experience spanning Health Tech, Insurance, Telecommunications, and Airlines. Currently, as CEO of Encore Med Sdn Bhd, he has spearheaded the development of Malaysia’s premier cloud SaaS Hospital Digital Solution, serving over 2.9 million patients, 3,700 specialist doctors, and 12,000 hospital staff across 80 hospitals. Alvin’s strategic vision and leadership have driven Encore Med’s subscription growth exponentially on recent years, earning multiple international awards. Previously, Alvin held pivotal roles at AIA Berhad, Maxis Berhad, and AirAsia Berhad, where he led significant digital transformation projects, enhancing business operations and driving innovation. At AIA, he transformed the company’s key app, achieving a 90% adoption rate among agents. At Maxis, he digitised payment solutions, reducing postpaid barred customers by 60%, and consolidated 14 payment channels. At AirAsia, he increased online banking payments by 240%, saving RM1 million monthly. Alvin holds a Master of Business Administration and Engineering from Albstadt-Sigmaringen University, Germany, and has received government scholarships for his academic excellence. His specialties include digital transformation, product management, and new business development. Alvin’s international background and proficiency in Chinese, English, Bahasa Malaysia, and German further enhance his global perspective. An avid supporter of innovation, Alvin continues to lead Encore Med in pioneering digital solutions to transform the healthcare industry.

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