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Manvir Victor

Manvir Victor

Chairman, Patient for Patients Safety Malaysia

Manvir Victor popularly known as Manvir Sportsguru has been involved in the sports industry in Malaysia for the past 19 years. He formerly was part of the pioneer batch who joined Astro and also Astro Radio and was amongst the most influential people in the media while at NTV7, Astro and has also increased his exposure with his stint for BBC and Radio France while covering the Petronas F1. Stricken with kidney failure in 2002, he needed to transform himself and started a sports management company that has been at the forefront of youth development in sports. Since his successful kidney transplant in 2012, he now plays an integral role in the Patients for Patient Safety Malaysia as its’ first Chairman and speaks Internationally at major Healthcare Conferences championing the Patients rights. Currently the Executive Editor at The Vibes, he hosts Healthcare Today with Manvir Victor podcast which is heard in over 15 countries like the UK, US, Kenya, South Africa India, Australia etc besides Malaysia.

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