Dr Shuba Srinivasan

Dr Shuba Srinivasan

VP, Medical & Quality, IHH Healthcare Malaysia

I am a doctor by profession with training in Psychiatry. This background training has been an asset through my years of service as a clinician and administrator. My current position as the Head of Clinical Governance in IHH Malaysia together with my previous experience in the role of Senior Operations Manager in Pantai Hospital Ipoh has provided me the opportunity to focus on influencing a culture change towards Patient Safety in Healthcare. I am currently VP, Medical and Quality for IHH Malaysia Group of 16 Hospitals.

In my current position I have a team of 15 staff at corporate office who assist me in this governance, and we mirror a similar structure at every hospital. Over the last 5 years in this position, I have devoted my time to develop a clinical governance framework that ensures our clinical practices are safe, effective, and meet the needs of our patients. At IHH Malaysia, I have established a Clinician-Management compact, to align expectations and transform patient care. The principle is for healthcare professionals adopt an integrated approach while preserving clinical autonomy and systemising clinical work.

I am open-minded, friendly, and resourceful with an optimistic outlook in life. I can motivate others and communicate comfortably at all levels, therefore ensuring a working environment for all members of the team to perform at their best. I am a strong proponent of teamwork and co-creation, with good inter-departmental working relationships.

I have improved Clinical governance & patient safety taking a system-based approach in Quality Management and supported several Quality Improvement projects, winning accolades for the hospitals and IHH MY. My skills in problem-solving and decision-making, together with data analytics, helps me identify trends and develop action plans.

My Career objective is to drive Quality through Leadership and introduce a culture change in the Business Model to achieve Value driven outcomes.

My focus is developing people to lead Quality and taking on a Holistic approach to leadership & Quality Management. I hope to achieve an equilibrium where hospitals practice evidence- based medicine and patient safety as the core value.

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