Sreekant Pillai

Sreekant Pillai

Partner, Messrs Sreekant Pillai, Advocates &Solicitors

I have been an Advocate and Solicitor in Malaysia for 21 years and have been doing active civil, criminal defence litigation and human rights work. Currently I am a sole proprietor firm focussing on acting as counsel for law firms for at all court levels from the magistrate court up to the Federal Court in Malaysia. This has allowed me to be selective with the type of work I take on and this gives me more time to argue pro bono and legal aid criminal litigation and assigned matters at the High Court and appeal courts involving capital punishment offences. I have also defended doctors in various prosecution by the Health ministry and Pharmacy Department against doctors.


  1. Messrs Sreekant Pillai, Advocates & Solicitors

         Sole Proprietor(May 2012- Present)

  • We are solely a litigation firm handling both criminal and civil cases and I mainly act as      counsel for law firms for litigation cases.
  1. Messrs Lim Sreekant& Co, Advocates & Solicitors (Kota Damansara, Petaling Jaya)

            Partner (January 2008-April 2012) 

  • We were handling both litigation and corporate conveyancing cases. I had experience as both solicitor handling agreements and litigation matters both civil and criminal.


  1. Messrs Sreekant Pillai, Advocate & Solicitors (Petaling Jaya, Selangor)

         Sole Proprietor (October 2001- December 2007)    

  • This was the first time I had my own firm. I was busy with cases from legal aid centres and human rights committee of the Bar Council. I was handling cases involving death in custody and also capital punishment cases.
  1. Messrs Zahid Kiren& Shenton, Advocates & Solicitors (Kuala Lumpur)

            Partner (Year 2000-September 2001)

  • We were handling mainly banking litigation and I was handling criminal cases for the firm.
  1. Messrs RV Lingam &Co (Klang, Selangor)

            Legal Assistant (Year 1999-2000)

  • I was the only legal assistant in this firm and was in charge of all litigation matters. The firm handled a large number of criminal matters and complicated civil matters which was handled by me and assisted the owner of the firm in murder and drug trafficking cases.
  1. 6. Messrs Thomas Bala& Associates (Petaling Jaya, Selangor)

            Legal Assistant (Year 1998-1999)

  • This was my first job as a legal assistant. The firm handled all motor insurance related litigation and I was the only legal assistant. The firm defended motor insurance company from fraudulent claims and litigated to ensure the amounts paid out was as required by the law.
  1. Messrs VP Nathan & Partners

            Chambering Student (Year 1997-1998)

  • The firm was handling motor insurance matters and defence work. My pupillage was 9 months before I was called to the bar in March 1998.
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