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Eric Woo

Eric Woo

Regional Director, ECRI Asia Pacific


Eric Woo joined ECRI Institute in February 2015 as a Regional Director. He is responsible managing ECRI Asia Pacific’s Research initiatives, Operation management, business development strategy and execution of Projects activities. Before joining ECRI Institute in 2015, Mr. Woo was the Chief Operating Officer of a private hospital for sports injuries and stem cell technology.

Mr Woo is a certified Healthcare Risk Manager by ASQUA/CAHO and an MBA holder.

His 26 years of experience in the healthcare includes managing various medical technology businesses in Asia Pacific; managing a private hospital, and research involvement in Stem Cells therapy for regenerative medicine.

He is an advocate of Healthcare Technology Management approach in Asia Pacific, taking Risk Management, and evidence-based approach strongly in managing medical devices in hospital.

In recent years, he has provided solution consultation, trainings and presentations related to healthcare technology management (HTM); policy and implementation, to various groups such as healthcare authorities and regulators, hospitals, associations, and conferences in Asia Pacific. Eric has also been advocating the need in managing healthcare provider’s Risk towards patient safety by managing its People, Process & Technology.


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