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Elaine Ng

Elaine Ng

Group Director of Nursing, Parkway Pantai Limited

Ms Elaine Ng has more than 30 years of nursing experience, she is the group director of nursing (GDON) for Parkway Pantai Limited. Her portfolio is wide as she oversees all Pantai and Gleneagles hospitals located in Singapore, Malaysia, India, Hong Kong and China.  She mentors the directors of nursing and guides them in their roles to achieve high nursing standards and quality patient care. She takes an active interest in their personal development and helps them in meeting organisational vision and mission.

Despite the many demands of being GDON, she is also involved in teaching in polytechnic, Parkway College, Edinburgh Napier University and Alice Lee nursing studies in National University of Singapore.  Being an adjunct associate professor, she co-authored several papers e.g. The Use of OSCE to Predict the Future Work Performance of Singapore Nursing Students, A comparison study of Silver Silicone with hydrogel coated Foley’s catheter and Silicone 100% Foley’s catheter in patients requiring long term indwelling catheter, Frontline nurses’ experiences with deteriorating ward patient: A qualitative study, Disaster preparedness: Experience from a smoker inhalation mass casualty incident.

She also sat in the Singapore Medical Council discipline committee and Singapore Nursing Board, Education and Clinical accreditation committee.

She has received many awards for her contributions to the nursing profession, chief amongst which is the nation’s highest accolade, the “President’s Award for Nurses” given to outstanding nurses who have not only made remarkable contributions to the profession and community at large but are also inspiring epitomes of professionalism in the nursing fraternity in 2007. She was the first nurse in Singapore to be awarded “Great woman of the year” under the Health and Wellness category in 2010.


Post basic in Critical care  Post graduate in Higher Education Bachelor of Health Science (BHS) Master in Nursing (Acute Care) (MN) Master of Business Administration (MBA)

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