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Dhivhya A/P Kandasamy Ragendran

Dhivhya A/P Kandasamy Ragendran

Registered Nurse from Pantai Hospital Ampang


A dedicated and compassionate nurse with diploma in nursing from International Medical College (IMC) four years of nursing experience. I am highly focused on providing the best possible care for patients and ensuring they are comfortable and receiving the correct pain relief. I am exceptionally organised and have excellent time management skills, perform multi-tasking meaning that I can work well under pressure and able to manage the needs of individual patient effectively. During my working career at Hospital Pantai Ampang at medical Ward, I had developed my communication skills by conducts health teaching to both patients and relatives and provide reassurance. 

Besides, I had acquired different caring skills while working at hospital as well as in a assessment setting. Which has also help me to gain my knowledge and experience of different assessment tools and techniques by providing independent nursing care to patients. I pride myself on my professionalism and carrying out every duty to the highest standards, resulting in patience, confident and trust. 

Awarded with Best Nurse In Medical Ward at year of 2018. Received numerous of good compliment from patient through feedback form since year of 2016. Shortlisted to promising young nurse in Malaysia Operation Division Parkway Pantai for year 2019. My long term goals include to pursue my studies in degree as an advance practice nurse in the field of healthcare. 

My keys of success are Empathy, Ethics, Teamwork and continuous Improvement. 


Nurses are the front-line against spreading in healthcare facilities. Moreover, the increasing number of emerging disease often forces nurses to take on roles outside of their normal duties this what had made me to participate as an infection control Link Nurse. As the roles infection control nurse my responsibilities are : 


  • To gathering and analysing infection data, facts and trends to other healthcare personnel. 
  • Providing training and health education to medical professionals and civilians on prevention techniques. 
  • Develop plans to prevent patients from spreading diseases throughout the hospital or other patient care facilities. 
  • Reinforcing the implementation of infection control practices  as provided in the guidelines of the Standard Operating Policy and Procedure (SOPP). 
  • Conduct audit in Hand Hygiene and Blood Spillage by using proper auditing tools. 


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