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QUASR is a ready-to-use and secure cloud-based Patient Safety software designed specifically for hospitals in Asia.
We help hospitals enhance, digitize and automate Patient Safety and Quality Improvement processes.

QUASR helps promote Patient Safety culture in the organization and is designed to be a platform for learning and collaboration and includes many features aimed at encouraging participation and more reporting.

With its exemplary design, QUASR offers some amazing features including quick reporting, interactive reports and real-time dashboards. Intuitive UI, rich user experience and light weight design reduces the learning curve for even the non-tech savvy staff thus increasing user adoption.

Visit our website www.healthgrc.com to find out how your hospital can benefit from QUASR.

Contact person  : Tan Hak Yek

Tel no.                 : 603-2241 5009

Email                   : hak@healthgrc.com

Website               : https://www.healthgrc.com, https://quasrapp.com

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