Services from KL Convention Centre for Exhibitors ONLY

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We are pleased to inform that the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre has launched the ESC online recently.

The ESC portal allows your exhibitors to easily access and order a variety of add-on services as well as pay online in their own time – at any time – minimising hassle.

The range of services available to order on the ESC portal including audio visual, food and beverage, as well as IT equipment and services.

Please read on…

1.   Click on https://esc.klccconventioncentre.com/ungerboeck.cshtml?aat=DE9QXaGwfwjEzByKqZ5Zt2PlWvXItqsMLPJyIFVHNjg%3d and Sign-Up
2.   Complete required details as a new user on your first visit to the site
3.   Key in your booth/stand number and click “Ok”
4.   You will be taken to the homepage to browse and purchase products and services and online payment
5.   Your order will be sent directly to our teams to process in readiness and you will also receive an email confirmation
6.   Find out more about the ESC portal via video here.

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