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The global demographic shift toward an ageing population has given rise to a pressing nurse shortage. Among the myriad challenges faced by healthcare providers, incidents such as patient falls underscore the critical necessity for advanced monitoring tools within hospital settings.

In response to this imperative, SmartPeep has developed an innovative AI patient-sitter system, empowering nurses to monitor senior patients with unparalleled efficiency. This cutting-edge technology leverages artificial intelligence to metamorphose into care-oriented optical sensors. The result is a comprehensive solution that not only addresses the shortage of nurses but also significantly enhances patient safety.

SmartPeep’s system goes beyond traditional approaches, such as bed sensors and wearables, which can contribute to alert fatigue. Instead, the single-sensor approach transforms an entire room into a smart space. This approach integrates a range of AI features, including fall detection, bed-exit detection, chair exit-detection, bedsore monitoring, and extended toilet usage tracking. The amalgamation of these features not only reduces falls by over 50%, but it also facilitates 24/7 quality nursing care, provides timely reminders, and yields cost savings for healthcare institutions.

Crucially, SmartPeep’s platform distinguishes itself by eliminating the need for multiple monitoring systems. This not only streamlines the monitoring process but also ensures patient privacy through the use of blurry visual alerts and a strict no-video recording policy. In doing so, SmartPeep pioneers a new era of patient monitoring that combines cutting-edge technology with a focus on comprehensive care and privacy preservation.


Key products/services that will be displayed:

  • AI Patient-Sitter System
  • Fall Prevention and Detection System
  • AI-Monitored Ward, Data and Analytics
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