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Omni-Health Technologies

Omni-Health Pte is the leader in revolutionizing healthcare automation solutions in the region. With a strong presence in healthcare, Omni-Health has expanded its expertise into the realms of Robotics and AI, catering to the healthcare, hospitality, & supply chain industries.

Omni-Health is committed to assisting organizations in every phase of automation from planning to implementation/maintenance. With a customer-centric approach, Omni-Health exceeds client expectations by providing outstanding customer service, increased flexibility, and enhanced value. Its innovative consulting services act as a bridge between end-users and automation technology providers ensuring optimal system functionality & improved operational efficiency across industries.

1. Inpatient Automated Medication Dispensing Cabinets Revolutionize medication management, prioritizing safety and efficiency in patient care. Key features include metal locking lids, barcoded labels, and expanded capacity. Seamless integration with EHR, nurse-friendly innovations, and cloud-based solutions optimize inventory control for enhanced healthcare efficiency.

2. Omnikart Streamlining the medication administration process in hospitals. Omnikart allows to request, retrieve, and deliver all patient medications in a single efficient trip, enhancing both workflow efficiency and patient care. Omnikart seamlessly integrates with Omnicell ADC, further optimizing the medication management workflow by ensuring a cohesive and coordinated approach.

3. Outpatient Medication Dispensing Solutions: Specializes in custom-designed pharmacy automation systems, automating 80% of pharmaceutical packaging to optimize workflows and enhance overall efficiency for pharmacies.

4. Capsa Carts Offers a diverse range of medical carts, from IV Therapy to Paediatric Crash Carts. These fully configurable carts prioritize easy access, promoting orderly storage and organization for clinicians, ensuring the best quality.

Key products/services that will be displayed:

  • Omnicell Automated Medication Dispensing Cabinet
  • Omnikart
  • Medication Carts/COW/Trolleys
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