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Aseptik Solusi

Aseptik Solusi Sdn. Bhd. offers a comprehensive range of specialized products focused on cleanroom contamination control, for example sterile disinfectants, sporicides, transport enzymatic foam, sterile wipes and mops, sterile disposable garments, and many more. We cater to industries that demand strict adherence to cleanliness and sterility, such as hospitals, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical devices, electronics manufacturing, and food industry.

Our sterile disinfectant product range is sterilized utilizing either gamma irradiation or aseptic process, and validated by the Association for Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI) 11137 guidelines to a 10¯⁶ Sterility Assurance Level (SAL). Products are available both sterile and non-sterile variants as per customers’ requirements and cleaning protocols.

Our mission is to provide top quality contamination control products and services at best value, offering innovative solution and exceptional customer service standards.

Aseptik Solusi Sdn. Bhd. has a strong foothold in Malaysia, headquartered in Penang, and is driven by a team rich in expertise and a deep understanding of customers’ requirements. This combination positions our company well to deliver exceptional solutions and elevate the overall customer experience.


Key products/services that will be displayed:

  • Cleanroom Sterile Disinfectants and Sporicides
  • Sterile Wipers and Cleaning Tools
  • Sterile Disposable Gown
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