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Star Medik Sdn Bhd

Star Medik is an established and leading medical corporation specializing in Medical Pathway Management Care. The company has extensive experiences, industrial knowledges with highly skilled in-house specialists and experts, backed with proven track records in medical ventilator management, respiratory care and its related segments. Star Medik is proud to be associated with a world leading and internationally renowned brand name Switzerland based HAMILTON MEDICAL.

The manufacturing activities for export business have grown and expanded to over 20 countries worldwide. Star Medik is one of the only handful of manufacturers who produce and export Disposable Prefilled Bubble Humidifier with certified ISO13485 and European Conformity (CE) mark.

Additionally, Star Medik has develop a new product portfolio which is known as Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber that able to be used in the hospitals for wide treatments, wellness centre and also to provide our own services in the near future. Apart from that, we also provide services for Medical Tourism for Metabolic Surgery in Türkiye and produce our own natural product for wound healing, a brand name called Qure100.

Key products/services that will be displayed:

  • Consumable & Disposable
  • Equipment/Medical Devices
  • Wellness Segment
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