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Booth No: 186

Semmel Health

Equitable OT Room Scheduling

Director of Nursing / OT Nurse Manager – Are your consultants constantly complaining they are not getting the slots they want? Are you spending too much time doing monthly census on spreadsheets? Are you stuck in getting the data that your CEO is asking for?

Come learn how we help ease the pressure from consultants competing to get the same slots, track patient journey, comply with patient safety, get better utilisation analysis to support decision making and many more.

Operation audits to monitor compliance to MSQH or JCI standards are an inescapable part of running a hospital. But are you on top of it? Chief Operating Officer – are process failures happening but you’re only aware of it when it becomes critical? Do you know at a glance what and where are the top 10 most failed processes happening? Are critical processes failing under your watch? How fast are findings corrected? Who is doing it? What is the progress?

Don’t wait for answers. Come learn how we help your ops and audit team be confident that your operations are meeting the required standards. And if someone dropped the ball, it is picked up and fixed fast enough for you to know before it’s too late and too costly to fix.

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Key products/services that will be displayed:

  • Semmel Hand Hygiene
  • Pointer Audit
  • OT Scheduling
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