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Qmed Asia (QueueMed Healthtech Sdn Bhd) 

Qmed Asia is a healthcare technology company that was founded in 2019 by a group of doctors. We are here to enhancing patient engagement, improving operational efficiency, and improving patient journey experiences. Our team of experienced professionals is passionate about creating innovative tools that empower healthcare providers to provide better care and improve the lives of their patients. Qmed Asia is currently serving over 4,000 healthcare providers with a wide range of offerings, covering pre-hospital care, inter-hospital care and post-hospital care, as well as virtual hospital care.

3 key products that will be displayed:

Qmed Pro – Our flagship product, a comprehensive solution designed to improve patient engagement & overall patient visiting experiences.

Qmed Pro provides an end-to-end patient journey solution, from advanced appointment and scheduling solution to mobile live queue, virtual hospitals, remote patient monitoring, teleradiology, and smart ambulance solution.

Qmed Kiosk – a digital front door that captures patient information and offers self-registration and self-check-in options. This solution is integrated with our proprietary mobile live queue solution and hospital information systems (HIS), providing a seamless experience for both patients and healthcare providers. Qmed Copilot – clinical AI assistant, designed to provide doctors with AI-powered tools that makes their work easier and more efficient. Our AI tools provide valuable suggestions for differential diagnosis, CXR & ECG interpretation findings, and other features that make doctor’s clinical work safer and more comprehensive.

Key products/services that will be displayed:

  • Qmed Pro
  • Qmed Kiosk
  • Qmed Copilot
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