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National Kidney Foundation Malaysia

NKF is a non-profit charitable organization dedicated to helping poor Malaysians suffering from kidney disease and who cannot afford the expensive dialysis treatment. Our mission objectives also extend to the many under-served and remotely located communities that have no access to seek dialysis treatment.

The Foundation has 29 dialysis centres nationwide, serving more than 1,700 poor dialysis patients in the country. Each patient is required to undergo 3 dialysis treatments per week in order to survive, and each treatment takes 4 hours. Public funds are channeled directly to treating impoverished groups. Whilst NKF fully subsidizes the dialysis treatment for the hard-core poor patients, the Foundation also subsidizes eligible patients from the lower income group who cannot afford dialysis treatment at private medical facilities which usually charge RM 210.00 to RM250.00 per dialysis session. Generally, poor patients are already struggling with high financial constraints for their basic necessities, and compounded with the needed life-saving dialysis treatment, many are left with no choice but to sacrifice the dialysis treatment, thus leading them to perish earlier than necessary.

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  • About NKF
  • About Kidney Disease
  • Fundraising towards helping the poor kidney failure patients so as to give him/her a chance to better cope and survive the disease
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