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MHNexus Sdn Bhd

MHNEXUS ( in short “MHN” ) is the leading technology and enterprise solution provider with core expertise in healthcare information exchange centric and other health related domain such as vein-to-vein blood bank information management, COVID crisis management and HL7 FHIR clinical data repository solution through Health Information Exchange Platform.

Our vision is to offer solutions for integrated healthcare delivery, facilitating seamless and continuous health record tracking for a lifetime of sustainable health records.

Our Mission is to future proof the healthcare system towards sustainability and patient centricity.

One of our highlighted products is the National Blood Bank Information System, which has been successfully deployed in 22 sites across the country. This cloud-based system features state-of-the-art digitalized vein-to-vein functionalities.

Another highly impactful solution is the CPRC Hospital System, which played a vital role during the pandemic by enabling data analysis and monitoring of hospital and quarantine center capacity. It helped to prepare for the readiness of multiphasic changes in facilities’ adaptability to pandemic waves.

The company is also developing another key solution, the Health Information Exchange, which is a horizontal platform designed to connect all systems within the Ministry of Health (and potentially others) to facilitate seamless transactions and record-keeping across all systems while ensuring data sovereignty.

As a forward-thinking company, we are constantly exploring new opportunities for growth and expansion.

We believe that by focusing on innovation, expansion, and strategic partnerships, we can continue to build a strong and successful business for years to come.

Key products/services that will be displayed:

  • Blood Bank Information System
  • CPRC Hospital System
  • Health Information Exchange
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