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IDS Medical Systems (M) Sdn Bhd

idsMED Malaysia is the leading medical supply chain solutions company 9 countries in Asia. We represent global medical brands in equipment, medical consumables, digital information technology, and biomedical engineering services.

We cover a range of specialty care areas, including Anesthesiology & Analgesia, Respiratory Care, Cardiovascular, Intensive Care, Emergency Care, Infection Control, Surgical Workplace, Obstetrics, Gynaecology and Peri-natal, Orthopaedic, Physio & Rehab, Primary Care, Medical IT, Diagnostic Imaging, and Aesthetic.

This year we bring you innovations in Automated Medication Dispensaries, NICU solutions, and Infection Control solutions.

Medication dispensary solutions are automated with authorized security functions to reduce the risk of medication errors and help you manage your medical supplies. We offer a wide range of solutions: Medication Management, Supply Management, Medication & Supply Management, Bedside Verification, Warehouse Management, and Information System Modules.

Caring for your youngest patient at heart, we have a range of NICU solutions, i.e., Comen Neonatal Incubator, Radiant Warmer, and Phototherapy. Each of the solutions comes with the latest technology with comprehensive functions. Our Comen Neonatal Incubator is the world’s first with a therapeutic function.

Strong in our Infection Control solutions, we showcase Melag Sterilizer & Meiko Bed Pen Washer. Melag Tabletop Sterilizer is a reliable, compact, comprehensive, fast sterilizer. Meiko Bed Pen Washer is a fully automated appliance for emptying, cleaning, and disinfecting care utensils to minimize the risk of contamination or recontamination.

With the vision of ‘idsMED Delivers Healthcare Solutions To Improve Quality Of Life’, you are assured of quality innovation & services.

Key products/services that will be displayed:

  • Automated Medication Dispensary (Stockart)
  • NICU Solutions (Comen Radiant Warmer, Incubator, Phototheraphy)
  • Infection Control (Melag Tabletop Sterilizer, Meiko Bed Pan Washer)
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