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UpToDate® UpToDate® is an evidence-based clinical decision support resource that over the past 20 years has become one of the most used and trusted medical information resources in the world. UpToDate presents a comprehensive synthesis of evidence, followed by recommendations that can be acted on at the point of care.

UpToDate is the only clinical decision support solution associated with improved outcomes. It is helping GPs across the UK make the right diagnosis and treatment decisions through its unique use of graded recommendations based on evidence from specialists around the world.

Lexicomp®: The Point-of-Care Drug Reference Solution.

Lexicomp is trusted by pharmacists and clinicians worldwide to provide fast, relevant drug information. Clinicians in more than 2,500 health systems choose Lexicomp for evidence-based drug information in the workflow and on-the-go. Studies show that Lexicomp is the preferred drug reference for care teams, providing answers faster and covering phamracogenomics better than other commonly-used resources.

Lexicomp is a single resource providing drug safety information for pharmacists, physicians, and nurses.

Lexicomp provides access to a wide range of content for pharmacists, physicians and nurses, and includes:

• Clear, concise point-of-care drug information, including

• dosing, administration, warnings and precautions, as well as clinical content, such as clinical practice guidelines, IV compatibility from Trissel’sTM 2 Clinical Pharmaceutics Database, and other tools.

• Online access plus a mobile app

• Accessible in EMR • Formulary Decision Support Module


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