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Sihatku Sdn Bhd

Sihatku is a Malaysian digital health and wellness platform that was created with the expressed purpose of ushering in the era of preventative medicine in South East Asia. The platform provides services such as health and wellness marketplace, clinical management, medical diary, telehealth, remote patient monitoring and medical data sharing. Sihatku’s B2B and B2C interfaces, enables service providers to harness new, unexplored markets while empowering users to get healthcare-on-demand. Developed for both Android and iOS, the platform comes as a web-based or mobile application designed on increasing users’ access to healthcare services and information.

3 key products that will be displayed:

Sihatku EHR – Clinical Management System

MySihatku App – Your Digital Doctor

Sihatku Marketplace- Your Health & Wellness

Contact person   : Madhumita Selvaraj

Tel no.                  :  6011-19788085

HP no.                  : 017-8482938



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