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Sato Auto-ID Malaysia Sdn Bhd

SATO is a pioneer & leading global provider of integrated Automatic Identification and Data Collection (AIDC) solutions that leverage barcode, QR code and UHF/HF/PJM RFID technologies. SATO delivers innovative end-to-end solutions to businesses as a single point responsibility for hardware, consumables, maintenance management, application software, each designed to enhance customer value. SATO solutions enable better business efficiencies and environmental protection to contribute to the development of a sustainable world.

In Malaysia, SATO Auto-ID Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. represents as the regional sales & support office. We have strong record of success in healthcare, SATO focuses mainly on absolute positive identification solutions for patients (wristband), vein-to-vein PJM RFID blood management solutions, labelling for medication, pharmacy, specimen, tools and even medical equipment’s, lab results and patient and hospital records.

Positive identification ensures patient safety & helps avoid medical errors, while increasing hospital’s productivity and reducing the overhead costs. While PJM RFID Blood Management provides high speed, reliability of operation and 100% accuracy for blood tracking utilizing our leading RFID tunnels, fridges, freezers, incubators, cold room and freezer room RFID retrofit components.


3 key products that will be displayed:

RFID Technology & Solution

Barcode Printer

RFID Wristband, Patient Wristband, Pharmacy Label, Medicine Label

Contact person   : Ms Vani

Tel no.                  603-76208901

HP no.                  : 6012-6801164

Fax no.                 : 603-55694977

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