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IONiaga Sdn Bhd

IONiaga Sdn Bhd is a regional office of INDIBA® Asia that manages the distribution, training, technical support, and marketing for INDIBA® and ReOxy® medical devices to the customers and partners across Asia Pacific region.

INDIBA® is the global leader in radiofrequency therapy, which focuses on rehabilitation, sports therapy, pelvic health, and physio-aesthetic. These devices include the AT7 and CT8, all of which delivers a specific frequency of 448kHz to provide accelerated and comprehensive recovery capabilities for patients with various conditions. The AT7 is light and versatile, whereas CT8 is a larger and more complex device with a broader range of applications.

ReOxy® is a new breathing therapy medical device that administers intermittent hypoxia-hyperoxia therapy (IHHTᵀᴹ). It uses Self-Regulated Treatment (SRT®) technology, which relies upon the principle of biological feedback, where patient bodily reaction defines therapeutic parameters and controls them throughout the treatment session. Using ReOxy® routinely has been scientifically proven to enhance the cardiopulmonary function and exercise tolerance.


3 key products that will be displayed:

AT7, CT8 and ReOxy

Contact person   : Ng Yun Jia

Tel no.                  6010-7606363 / 6017-5322118



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