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GHQIA (GlobalHealth Quality and Innovation Accreditation is Asia’s first quality improvement body to provide accreditation services for hospitals, centre of excellence recognition and specialist clinics.

As a licensed partner of ACHS International (Australian Council on Healthcare Standards International), our quality improvement consultation and accreditation services provide a rigorous framework to guide the delivery of safe, high-quality and innovative healthcare in the region.

Our philosophy is to have a work-with approach, providing continuous guidance along the journey. We believe in a “International Standards, Localised Implementation” approach, as we recognise and acknowledge the aligned interests of our partners and our goals.

Well-placed ahead of the evolving patient journey, we invite you to join us and together foster an improvement culture in care delivery and drive positive patient outcomes—helping people live longer and live better lives, shaping the future of population health.

3 key products that will be displayed:

Hospital & Specialist Clinic Accreditation, Centre of Excellence Recognition, Quality Improvement Consultation

Contact person   : Varun Panjwani

Tel no.                  6587801335

Email                    varun@ghqia.com

Website                www.ghqia.com

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