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Eco Pacific (M) Sdn Bhd

Our Company, ECO PACIFIC (M) SDN BHD, is the exclusive distributor of Bio-compostable Paddy Straw Packaging products. The Paddy Straw waste, which otherwise are burned, is converted via a patented process into eco-friendly moulded pulp products such as single use medical disposable products (kidney trays, bedpans, patients’ meal trays),pharmaceutical,wellness and other consumer packaging.

We are ESG and SDG compliant with high social impact as it engages rice farmers to supplement their income by committing to sell the Paddy straw biomass to our group.

Our group and products have achieved the following:-
– endorsement by MIGHT, Mosti, BiotechCorp, Greentech.
– Malaysian award for Global Cleantech Innovation Program
  for SMEs in 2014.
– the only ‘Cradle to Cradle’ German Certification awarded
  for conversion of rice straw to packaging materials.
– Certifications for EU’s Ecolabel and EN13432
– manufactured in compliance with BSI PAS 29 (medical
  disposables), ISO9001,GMP,Myhijau.
– exported to multi national corporates in Europe, US,
  Scandinavia, Australia, NZ .


3 key products that will be displayed:

Bio-Compostable Kidney Tray, Bio-Compostable Bedpan, Bio-Compostable Meal Tray

Contact person   :Lai Ying Choy

Tel no.                  603-87404961

HP no.                  : 6012-2986832 / 6017-6620900

Email                    lyc@ecopacific.com.my


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