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Perceptions of Nurses Towards the Establishment of Continuing Nursing Education Workshop on Person-Centred Approach to Care

Main Authors: Dr Angie Ng Kwee Sew

Co- authors: Qi Feng Lin 

Dr Lim Lee Meng

Institution: Econ Healthcare Group 

Objective of the study

To determine the feasibility and cost efficiency of developing and providing a continuing nursing education workshop that encompasses the concept of a person-centred approach to care in aged care facilities in Singapore.


This is a non-experimental descriptive study using a structured quantitative questionnaire to explore nurses (RNs, ENs, and Nursing Aides) knowledge, attitudes and professional practice in using a person-centred approach to care and to ascertain their interest in participating in a workshop on incorporating the person-centred approach to care and their daily professional practice. Two hundred and sixty – one (261) questionnaires were administered to registered nurses, enrolled nurses and Nursing Aides working in an aged care facility in Singapore. Of the 261 – questionnaire distributed 235 responses were returned.  

Summary of results

The overall results indicated there were a significant level of knowledge of person-centred care approach among the three cohorts of nurses however, there were variations of the views held by participants about whether a person-centred approach to care contributes positively to the well -being of aged care clients. The data suggests a high level of interest for a workshop on person-centred approach to care.


The results from the study indicated that nurses are interested in undertaking workshops on a person-centred approach to care and such an approach can enhance their practice. Further study is recommended for nurses working in general and acute care facilities.

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